We started with a Vision Quest. Make the best cold brew coffee in America. Bold? Yes. But we had the experience and we took our time. A year later, after experimenting with different beans and combinations, trials in roasting techniques, brew process and countless tastings, we knew we had created a Nitro cold brew unlike any other on the market. It was smooth, creamy, with no acid, notes of chocolate undertones and zero bitterness.
We called it NorCal Nitro.

NorCal Nitro was launched at our local restaurant (Juice and Java, Paradise, CA) and became an almost overnight hit. Within days, it was outselling our other coffee drinks three to one. We began wholesaling NorCal Nitro kegs to to merchants and business owners in our area.

Devising a dispatch system to capture the nitrogenated quality of our coffee in bottles, we quickly discovered that cans were the obvious upgrade for the process, which deliver superlative freshness, taste and consistency.

NorCal Nitro is now beginning to expand into the greater areas of California. However, we are steadfast in our process. You might call that process the ‘roots’ of our system. Small batch roasting the world’s best organic beans, the best filtered water system and the most careful brewer’s eye.

Zero short-cuts. A commitment to consistency. Cliche? Yeah, but so are most of the good things in life. This one’s a killer coffee.

ORIGINAL BLACK.  Our trilogy of signature roasted beans creates a powerful and creamy taste, with low acidity and a smooth cold brew finish!