Twenty-five years ago, we decided to open a coffee shop in a quiet little in Northern California called Paradise.
This wasn’t a hobby. We loved coffee, choosing the world’s finest coffee beans, roasting, brewing, and through the years we served our best along with the freshest smoothies, handmade sandwiches and organic bakery items.

We created the best small business we could in a great small town. We never cut corners, took no short cuts, and today ‘Juice and Java’ is part of the history of Paradise.

We’ve watched countless families grow up (including our own), made a million friends as well as fresh, organic cups of coffee, and in 25 years, learned a lot.

All that experience goes into who we are and what we continue to do.

What began as a journey to make and brew the best coffee, build a cafe that both welcomes and nourishes its guests, has thrived.

We’re very proud of that.

With new years comes new challenges, and today we continue to put our passion into our Paradise cafe, but also into a wonderful thing that has come of it.  Throughout more than two decades of choosing, roasting and brewing the world’s most premium coffee beans, one learns about the great possibilities of this immortal part of Earth, and how imagination–as well as innovation–can continue to make it even more special.

In discovering the cold brew process, we set out to perfect it. After that, we designed our nitrogenated keg system to capture the exclusive flavor of powerful, but non-bitter nitro coffee. To say it was hit is an understatement. ‘NorCal Nitro’ had been born and was growing fast in Paradise.

With every strong small business, success should always serve one rule we like to live by. It’s time to work harder.

And so we will. Norcal Nitro coffee (now being distributed in pressurized cans through our region) serves the same master as that Paradise cafe we mind every morning. It’s the best because that’s the Big Idea.

That idea lives in-house.